Summer lies not only at the sea and at idyllic sandy beaches, you can find it anywhere; in the woods, by a nearby stream, in the home garden, on the mini balcony… Use After Sun Elixir and summer will accompany you just about everywhere. The oil after sunbathing evokes memories of summer even when it is long gone. If we are inventive, we can also save it for winter days. 

Complete body care throughout the year

The natural formula of the after-sun elixir is a combination of the most precious plant oils and extracts. Comprehensive care is provided by; hemp oil, grapeseed oil, hypericum and calendula extract, which give a characteristic summer scent. The after-sun elixir is the one that supports the skin when it is dry and dehydrated and appears tired and dull. It restores elasticity and softness to the skin and helps it in the regeneration process. However, as we know that skin needs the best natural care all year round, Elixir remains our favorite after sunbathing even after the end of summer.

After Sun Elixir in 1000 and 1 way

The elixir is not only intended for skin care after sun exposure and protection from mosquitoes, with a little ingenuity and creativity, the possibilities of use are surprisingly many! Some can be found here:

  • Nourishing oil bath
    Among the great ideas, for example, is the popular ritual of our dear Coolmamacita; Teja swears by adding After Sun Elixir to the bath. She says that her skin is divinely soft and nourished after the bath, and that the additional application of lotions and creams is almost unnecessary. Moms, love effective solutions, don't we?
  • Care for the whole family
    Speaking for mothers, I should mention that the product, due to its completely natural composition, is also excellent for the care of sensitive baby skin. It is popular even with a demanding male audience, which we consider a very special honour.
  • Protection and care of dry hair
    In summer, we often talk only about skin care and protection, but we ignore the fact that hair also needs special attention. The After Sun Elixir is a great solution for dry ends and hair restoration. It also works great as a care after every wash with Hydrolat Shampoo. Gently rub a few drops into the still slightly damp tips and the hair will be silky shiny and supple.
  • Daily care of dry skin
    As a nourishing care, rich in the perfect omega fat ratio, apply a few drops of the elixir to still slightly moist skin after bathing or showering daily to keep the skin in perfect balance.
  • Jump into the summer even on a snowy day
    Everyone has a day when they need a warm bath, a bar of chocolate (or two;), a hug and a little comfort, and the power of aromatherapy also works wonders. Stunning aromas that connect us with pleasant moments in our life have been proven to have a beneficial effect on our general well-being (verified;). Happy news; we can also conjure up summer on a gloomy winter day, when sunny days are a rarity.
  • Massage for toning and relaxation
    With the help of the Elixir, you can also enjoy a relaxing body massage, as the essential oil of lemongrass has a beneficial effect on muscle relaxation.

After Sun Elixir 100ml

A precious combination of cold pressed hemp seed oil, St. John’s wort and lemongrass oil for relaxed and soothed skin after a day in the sun or daily.

The ideal ratio of omega-fatty acids supports natural skin renewal and enhances its self-protective role.Soothes & protects irritated, reddened and sensitive skin that has lost moisture, elasticity and softness after exposure to the sun.

Lemongrass oil refreshes and delicately perfumes the skin while offering natural protection against mosquitoes.