Could CBD be the key to improving sex life?

Many experts now say it could be! That's right, CBD is not only good for relaxation, stress, and pain relief, it can also spice up your sex life. Here are five ways CBD intake could improve sex life:

  • Increase the pleasure
    CBD increases anandamide in the body, and numerous studies have shown that an increase in anandamide during sex can increase pleasure. Taking CBD can also boost confidence and reduce anxiety, both of which could lead to a greater feeling of pleasure.
  • Reduce performance anxiety
    Many men and women experience anxiety when it comes to sex. These feelings can limit arousal and affect performance. Taking CBD is a great way to reduce feelings of anxiety and replace them with a calm state so you can give your best.
  • Stop vaginal pain
    Many women can experience pain in their vagina during sex. CBD can be a great pain reliever and preventative. Taking CBD before sex could help reduce inflammation and help women and men feel better.
  • Increase arousal
    According to experts, CBD can increase blood flow to the sexual organs resulting in increased sexual arousal and increased orgasm intensity.
  • Improve erectile dysfunction
    Using CBD can also help men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). CBD is thought to dilate blood vessels and promote healthier blood flow and circulation.

What are the recommended products:

PhenoPen - Vaporizer

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PharmaHemp - Hemp extracts

The products contain a high concentration of CBD, a wide range of other cannabinoids and bioactive compounds that create an "entourage effect".