Our bodies are designed to take advantage of the sun’s rays. Sunlight helps us maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle, increases feelings of happiness and self-confidence, and reduces anxiety and fatigue. The rays of the sun stimulate the production of vitamin D, which is the key to strong bones and the general health of our organism. The sun also has a beneficial effect on a range of skin problems. Healthy exposure can relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, dermatitis and even acne. But despite all these positive effects, we have to be very careful about exposure to the sun. You will find some tips on healthy sunbathing in the blog that follows.

When to go out in the sun and for how long?

Ideally, you should expose your face, arms (up to the shoulders) and upper chest to the rays of the sun a few times a week for 15 minutes at a time. Don’t apply sun cream to your skin in this period, because this will partly block absorption and hinder the production of vitamin D. After 15 minutes have passed, you should apply a suitable amount of sun cream for protection. The best time of day for brief exposure to the sun is around 11 o’clock in the morning, since this is when vitamin D production is optimal. But the sun is already very strong at this time of day, so be very careful and do not exceed the recommended 15 minutes. 

Drink plenty of water while sunbathing

Be sure to drink enough water before and during sunbathing. When you are exposed to the sun, your body rapidly loses fluids. The sun’s rays also absorb moisture from the skin, leaving it red, irritated and damaged after sunbathing. You know how wonderfully a sunny day dries your laundry? It dries out your skin in a similar way. The rule about drinking two litres of water a day still holds, but in summer and when sunbathing you should not hesitate to increase this quantity. 

A quick shower before and after sunbathing

If you want to get the best advantage from the sun’s rays, have a quick and refreshing shower before sunbathing. This shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. A pleasantly warm shower will open your pores and fill them with oxygen, while at the same time it will wash away any dirt that can block the penetration of the sun’s rays. After sunbathing, treat yourself to another few minutes under the shower. This will help restore lost moisture and prepare your pores for the nourishing care that follows. 

Restore the skin’s precious oils after sunbathing

When the skin is exposed to the sun, it does not only lose moisture. It also loses the precious essential oils that protect it against external factors and ensure its elasticity. Only healthy skin is beautiful skin, so after sunbathing be sure to treat your skin to the oils and nutrients that will nourish and renew it. We have selected the best natural active ingredients and captured them in a bottle!

Eliksir po sončenju – obnavlja in varuje zagorelost, ki traja še dolgo v jesen

Formula z najboljšimi naravnimi sestavinami pomiri in zaščiti razdraženo, pordelo in občutljivo kožo, ki je izgubila vlago, prožnost in mehkobo. Kožo uravnovesi, nahrani ter ji podari svežino. Za najboljši učinek vmasirajte olje v kožo takoj po prhanju ali kopeli, ko so pore odprte in pripravljene na sprejem vseh negovalnih sestavin.


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