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The history of Ziggi 

The idea was born in 1991 in Slovenia from his master Ziggi who produces filters for personal use. Immediately
receives request by his friends to produce filters for them too. Thus were born the "Ziggi" which were filters
on a keychain suitable for use with each map. In 1996 Ziggi came up with a spectacular idea
the first combination maps + filters together in a practical package that was an absolute boom on
market this are the- Ziggi Classic.


The inventions don't end there. In 2004 the Ziggi URS Ultimate rolling sollution 3 in 1 that
combine for the first time in history maps + filters + a mixed bag (protected by patent).
In 2006 we invented the first 4m roll paper with filters and
we are still developing new products today, following market trends.



All Ziggi products they are made of high quality materials, 100% natural, treated without additives,
without chlorina, chemical or harmful substances. The glue used is 100% natural Arabica rubber, 
therefore all Ziggi products have certificates FSC, PEFC, ISO14001.


With Ziggi products we are present in Italy with more than 240 stores and excellent feedback from our customers.

Thanks for choosing quality, thanks for choosing Ziggi.


Urban Planty was born from a simple problem; big city, lots of concrete, lots skyscrapers and no space to cultivate your garden. From the simple problem we developed a great idea - garden vertical that può be alone and the which one can youò put on the balcony. É suitable for both professional gardeners both for those who garden only as a hobby. The telescopic stand made of aluminum è adjustable at any height up to 2.85 m so you can position it practically everywhere (balcony, terrace, living room or windowsill). To fix the stand no è necessary to drill and thanks to a special mechanism spring l’Urban Planty è resistant in different weather conditions, making it ideal for both use internal and external. To put Urban Planty on the windowsill you canó remove the part bottom of the support e set l’maximum height up to 160 cm.


Urban gardening è a growing trend that will not endà così quickly. Many people who live in the cityà would like to have their own garden for growing herbs, flowers or other plants. Just these people often meet of faced with obstacles such as limited space, lack of time, lack of knowledge of basis and appearance of existing products. Urban Planty sarà definitely a product that these people simply whereà have at home.

BYBA - Bring your bong anywhere

The idea came from a couple of guys who wanted to use a plastic bottle to make their bong.


Because there was too much work and dirt to make holes and use cannucias to prepare a bong

they invented their system to always carry your personal bong called Byba.

Byba è a Bong that you canò take anywhere. And in theory Byba è an aluminum component there 

which turns each bottle into a portable bong. It is not necessary to make holes, all that

you need to do è insert the two tubes and screw Byba onto the bottle. È can use Byba for 

smoke spinels / blunts or bowl by inserting the top.


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