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Melatonin 1mg For Better Sleep

Heka HK-ME 1355
Melatonin 1mg For Better Sleep
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HEKA Melatonin is an important antioxidant and a natural sleep regulator.

Since a good night’s rest is very important for the immune system and cell regeneration, we have placed it in the family of the HEKA supplements. Melatonin, which is a natural ingredient, enables healthy architectonics of sleep (swapping of the REM and NON-REM phases of sleep) and even establishes it from start. It is not addictive and the normal prescribed dosage is not toxic.

The recommended dosage is one tablet a day 30–60 minutes before sleep.
HEKA Melatonin comes in a container with 30 capsules

The HEKA family products help you to balance a healthy spirit in a healthy body with a wide array of products. The HEKA products are here mostly for a preventive approach, one of utmost, if not key importance in today’s lifestyle of pressure and stress.