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ProbiCanna - Hemp Flower With Microbial Cultures

Be hempy HPY-60PR 981
ProbiCanna - Hemp Flower With Microbial Cultures

ProbiCanna capsules contain a blend of prebiotics, probiotics, vitamin C, and industrial hemp buds.

This carefully selected blend of natural ingredients is a unique product on the Slovenian (EU) and global market
– providing effective support in enhancing the immune system, eliminating bloating and regulating digestion.

BE HEMPY offers natural, safe food supplements and super foods made from hemp.

The industrial hemp from which Be Hempy products are made is cultivated in such a way that it contains a minimum THC content and a whole range of phytocannabinoids. Products are made in Slovenia (EU) in controlled productions, free of pesticides and herbicides, hand-harvested and naturally dried.